Educational activities of isp npp employees in schools of Japan

    A group of Ukrainian researchers from the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine, together with the staff of the Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering, University of Fukui, conducts educational activities in schools of Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

    Last week, Ukrainian scientists visited Mikata Junior High School (Wakasa-cho, Fukui) and Tsuruga High School (Tsuruga, Fukui). The head of the group, Olena Pareniuk, with her colleagues Yulia Ruban, Anastasia Toryanik, and Kateryna Shavanova told the Japanese students about the research conducted at the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP, about the current conditions for the development of science in Ukraine during the full-scale invasion, and about the future of scientific research in Chornobyl. They talked with schoolchildren about how nuclear waste is disposed of at Ukrainian NPPs, how the situation is at the Zaporizhzhia NPP is controlled under the conditions of occupation by Russian troops; what is the difference between the tragedies of Chornobyl and Fukushima and something about the future of nuclear power energy in Ukraine. In particular, this is a part of career guidance activities aimed at motivating schoolchildren to acquire professions in the nuclear field in order to ensure nuclear and radiation safety in the future not only in their country, but also throughout the world.

    The management of the Institute for Safety Problems of expresses gratitude to the management of Fukui University, the City Hall of Tsurugi and Professor Nakahiro Yasuda for their support and assistance in organizing such an important mission related to educational activities.

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