Scattering and bound states in a system of several particles

     The monograph deals with scattering and bound states in a system of several particles. In the area of intermediate energies, elastic collisions, reactions of nucleon transfer, collapse and scattering with excitation of low-lying collective states of target nuclei were analyzed on the basis of the diffraction nuclear model. A microscopic formalism has been developed, which makes it possible to perform highly accurate calculations of cross sections and polarization characteristics of reactions. In the area of low energies, using the formalism of Fadeev’s integral equations and the method of hyperspherical harmonics, a method of calculating the wave function in the interaction area has been created. In the region of the continuous spectrum at subthreshold energies of the nucleon, the experimental scattering cross sections are described, for the bound states of 3H and 3He, the values of the binding energies of the nuclei, their magnetic moments, and root mean square radii are obtained, which are compared with the experiment. The theoretical foundations of the method of quasi-elastic scattering of slow neutrons for studying the dynamic properties of liquids are outlined. An experimental technique for determining self-diffusion coefficients of liquid molecules based on a neutron experiment is proposed.

     The publication is recommended for scientists and engineering and technical workers who work in the field of nuclear physics and atomic energy, and will also be useful for students and postgraduates of physics and physical and technical specialties of universities.

L. A. Bulavin
V. I. Kovalchuk
A. V. Nosovskyi

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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