The 25th Anniversary of Ukrainian Nuclear Society

     The Ukrainian Nuclear Society (UkrNT) is a public scientific and technical organization established in independent Ukraine in order to support the domestic nuclear power industry that celebrated its 25th anniversary on 17 April. Director, Corr. Member NASU, prof. Anatolii Nosovskyi, Principal Research Scientist of NAAS of Ukraine, prof. Borys Prister, Assistant Director Yevgenia Kudin, Head of sector Oleksandr Mykhailov took part in the ceremony from the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP, NAS of Ukaine. Solemn meeting on anniversary occasion was opened by President of UkrNS Grygorii Muliar. In his speech he emphasized a role of UkrNS standing in defense of nuclear scientists’ interests, working on development of nuclear science and technology thoughout its existence.     Honorary President of UkrNS Volodymyr Bronnikov, Director General of Association «Ukrainian Nuclear Forum» Mykola Kukharchuk, Director of Department for Nuclear Facilities Safety, State Nuclear Regulatory Inspection of Ukraine Borys Stolyarchuk, representative of the Bulgarian Nuclear Society Petya Vrieshkova, Dean of Cogeneration Faculty, NTUU «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» Yevgen Pys’mennyj, Director of Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies, National Science Center «Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology» Viktor Voyevodin, Director of Institute for Safety Problems of NPP, NAS of Ukraine Anatolii Nosovskyi made their salutatory speech.


   In his speech, Anatolii Nosovskyi noted a great scope of work performed during the UkrNS existence, together with the nuclear industry, namely: lifting the construction moratorium for new nuclear power units; development of nuclear legislation; construction of three new power units at the Zaporizhzhya, Khmelnitsky, Rivne NPPs sites; increasing safety level of nuclear power units; extension their exploitation period; diversification of nuclear fuel supply; transformation of «Ukryttia» into an environmentally safe system; construction of a Dry storage facility for spent nuclear fuel at Zaporizhzhya NPP; construction of Centralized storage facility for spent nuclear fuel and many others. Society and nuclear industry, like the rest of the country as a whole, have undergone difficult ways of destroying the economy, non-payments and barter payments for electricity. But in spite of all the obstacles, they managed to preserve the human and material potential that makes possible producing more than 50% the country’s total electricity by the nuclear power plants. UkrNS cooperates actively with research institutions, higher educational institutions and community.

     Looking the future Anatolii Nosovskyi emphasized the fact today UkrNS faces new tasks as construction of new nuclear facilities, development and implementation of a state program for the nuclear industry expansion, the final solution the problem caused by the Chornobyl accident. And all these important tasks shouldn’t be solved without proper scientific, technical and educational components. Therefore, he urged the management of nuclear industry and UkrNS to pay constant attention to the issues of nuclear science and education, along with the issues of a culture of security. 

    «I’d like to thank to all who present at this event, the heads and employees of the NNEGC  “Energoatom”,  scientists, educators and other specialists who doing their best for the safe use of nuclear energy,ultimately ensure the energy independence of our country», – noted Anatolii Nososvskyi.

    Summing up the meeting, President of UkrNS Grygorii Muliar thanked all for their fruitful and persistent work and awarded the members of the Society with honors. Chief Scientist of ISP NPP NAS of Ukraine, Honored Scientist, Academician of NAAS of Ukraine Boris Prister was awarded with a valuable gift and diploma. The Head of sector Oleksandr Mykhailov was awarded by a diploma of UkrNS.







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