Participation of employees of the Institute in the filming of documentary films about the activities of women scientists during the war

     On February 2, the INSCIENCE organization, which is engaged in the popularization of science, as part of the relaunch project “Women in Science 2.0”, presented documentaries about radiobiologist Olena Pareniuk, senior researcher at the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine, and biologist Kateryna Shavanova, head of research and development projects in the field of crop production at the largest agricultural holding in Ukraine “Kernel”. The project is carried out within the framework of the program “EU for gender equality: together against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence”, financed by the European Union and jointly implemented by UN Women and UNFPA.

      The Women in Science 2.0 project tells stories about Ukrainian women in science during the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. These are 12 stories and two documentary videos about how the heroines of the project, despite the war, continue to do their work – understand this science and help other women believe in themselves.

     Olena Pareniuk talks about how she came to a career as a radiobiologist, the scientific potential of research in the Chornobyl and Fukushima exclusion zones, and her work at the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine. In addition to the scientific work, Olena is actively involved in the promotion of nuclear and radiation safety, which became even more relevant as a result of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and the current occupation of the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

    In another documentary video, Kateryna Shavanova talks about her career at the intersection of science and business. Kateryna works for the development of agriculture in Ukraine, applying scientific approaches to increase the yield of the main crops and at the same time rational use of resources for this. In particular, due to the full-scale invasion, its task from now on is to find ways to restore Ukrainian soil after hostilities.

    On February 24, the anniversary of the full-scale war, the films were presented to the local residents of Tsuruga, Japan. After the screening, local residents asked questions about the future of nuclear power energy in Ukraine and the occupation of Zaporizhzhya NPP by Russian troops.

     We express our gratitude to the INSCIENCE organization for the opportunity to participate in the inspiring project about women scientists.

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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