DNRS: Radiation Monitoring Department

Head of department, Cand. of Tech. Sciences
Khan Valeriy Yen-Ilievych

Scope of work:

  • development and scientific substantiation of methods for monitoring of objects with radiation hazardous technologies and the environment within impact area of these objects;
  • realization of complex estimate of the Shelter object radiation and environmental impact;
  • development, scientific substantiation, analysis and optimization of measures to provide acceptable ecological state of the environment when realizing the work to transform the Shelter object into an ecologically safe system within its impact area;
  • investigation of the Shelter object in order to forecast its radiation and ecological hazard, conduct of radiochemical analysis, alpha-, gamma-spectrometry sampling of air, water, soil, fuel-containing materials (FCM), and research and development activities aimed at developing and implementing new procedures to estimate environmental conditions;
  • study of physicochemical properties of FCM, their radionuclide and element content;
  • research of FCM processes interaction with the environment, and research processes associated with in-time change in FCM structure and content;
  • study of existence forms and spatial layout of FCM in the Shelter object rooms, FCM clusters geometry, acquisition of quantitative and qualitative estimates of their radiation and ecological hazard.

    Results of scientific research activities:

    The Department realizes investigations in keeping with budget program, scientific and technical support work at the Shelter object, and works for Chornobyl NPP contracts.

    The staff of Radiation Monitoring Department possesses long-term experience in research and development work at the Shelter object and radiation hazardous objects located within Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

    The RMD experts work in II and III Class labs equipped by state-of-the-art equipment, they have got vocational training, high qualification and experience in conducting radiochemical researches, alpha- and gamma-spectrometry, beta-radiometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis, et al.

    The Department specialists have been realized a huge amount of work for complex investigation of radiation conditions within work realization areas at the Shelter object, which were realized within the framework of projects to transform the Shelter object into an ecologically safe system (SIP); a new approach was proposed in developing radiation protection measures for personnel and the environment; and radiation safety of personnel and the environment was also substantiated under realization of, practically, all the works within the framework of SIP project realization:

     Polymeric compositions to suppress radioactive aerosols in sub-roofing space were developed and implemented at the Shelter object.

    Within the framework of contract for realization of Client Engineer services – (SIP09-2-001), Department staffers had realized a range of important works, and particularly, commission and metrological calibration of Complex for radwaste radiation monitoring directly in motor transport.

     The recommends were prepared, which concern the issues of the Shelter object current safety at the stages of its transformation into an ecologically safe system.

    New coagulant-flocculants and selective inorganic sorbents were tested under radioactive water purification from organic (polymeric) substances and radionuclides, particularly transuranium elements.

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