Division for nuclear and radiation safety

Head of Division

Krasnov Viktor Oleksandrovych

Division structure:

  • Radiation Monitoring Department
  • Nuclear Safety Department
  • Department for Remote Complexes and Technologies
  • Department for Radiation Material Sciences and Radiation Instrument Engineering

Scope of Division work:

  • Investigation of the Shelter object  in order to forecast its nuclear, radiation and radioecological safety, conduct of radiochemical analysis, alpha-gamma-spectrometry of air, water, soil and FCM samples in the Shelter object and on its industrial site, and research and development of activities aimed at developing and implementing new procedures for environmental impact assessment;
  • study of physicochemical properties of FCM, their radionuclide and element content;
  • research of FCM interaction processes with the environment, and the processes associated with in-time change in FCM structure and content;
  • study of existence form, state, spatial layout and geometry of FCM clusters in the Shelter object. Acquisition of quantitative and qualitative estimates of their radiation and radioecological hazard. Forecasting the state and behaviour of the Shelter object FCM;
  • development and implementation of technologies with using remote control gears to realize radiation hazardous work at the Shelter object and other objects with nuclear technologies;
  • conduct of research and development work to study the Shelter object state in order to forecast its nuclear, radiation and ecological safety, and scientific support of work to convert the Shelter object into an ecologically safe system;
  • development of methods and means to monitor cluster properties of nuclearly hazardous fission materials (NHFM) with uncertain and uncontrolled mass and geometry parameters;
  • analysis of data on NHFM neutron activity monitoring, exposure dose rate of gamma-radiation and temperature with using measuring channels of regular and survey systems of the Shelter object;
  • forecasting possible changes in properties NHFM and their subcriticality state on data of neutron and physical characteristics modeling;
  • analysis of international experience of unmanned technologies with using remote control gears in order to adapt them to conditions of especially hazardous work at the Shelter object;
  • development and creation of mockup specimens of remote control gears to implement unmanned technologies for reconnaissance and work with radiation materials at the Shelter object;
  • physicochemical (including radiochemical and spectrometry) researches properties and forecasting the state of radioactive substances and materials containing nuclear fuel;
  • decision of technological, technical and radiation-ecological problems under radwaste management;
  • experimental researches of irradiated nuclear fuel and FCM of nuclear reactors core being impacted by emergency conditions;
  • expert estimate of existing and proposed approaches, methods and procedures for management of materials containing irradiated fuel and its components;
  • scientific and technical support of work for construction, commission and operation of New Safe Confinement (NSC).

Results of scientific research activities:

The main scientific achievements over the last years are as regards:

  1. Work for commission and scientific support of modernized dust suppression system of radioactive aerosols in sub-roofing space of ruined Chornobyl NPP Unit 4.
  1.  Works to estimate spatial gamma-radiation fields at NSC construction site.

Aerostat over the Shelter object (a). Model of gamma-field on axis 54 + 120 m (b)

  1.  Works for commission and metrological calibration of complex for RAW radiation monitoring in motor transport (RMMT).

Complex for radwaste radiation monitoring in motor transport, and Division staffers at RMMT site

  1. Works for commission and metrological calibration of system for monitoring nuclear (NSMS) and radiation (RMS) safety.

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