DNRS: Department for radiation material sciences and radiation instrument engineering

Head of department, Dr. Phys. & Math. Sciences
Gabelkov Serhiy Volodymyrovych

Main scope of work of department:

  • radiation damages physics in ceramics and glass ceramics materials;
  • experimental researches of irradiated structural materials and components of nuclear reactors’ core, which were under the impact of emergency conditions;
  • experimental researches of actual physicochemical properties of irradiated nuclear fuel and FCM of created «New Safe Confinement – Shelter Object» (NSC-SO) complex;
  • monitoring the state and behaviour of Shelter Object FCM as fundamentally nonequilibrium system;
  • development of methodical and technological approaches to create the methods for solid-phase LFCM conditioning to provide long-term storage and/or their burial in the future.

Tasks under realization:

  • deepening of insight level for physical processes occurring in nuclear materials within the conditions of severe nuclear accidents;
  • expert estimate of existing and proposed means to manage the materials containing irradiated fuel and its components;
  • outlining the recommends for management of NSC-SO radioactive materials during its conversion into an ecologically safe system;
  • FCM state monitoring, survey of changes in their state and physical characteristics;
  • forecasting the FCM state and behaviour of NSC-SO complex in the medium term.

Results of scientific research activities:

  • model of LFCM microstructure degradation of NSC-SO complex was created, physicochemical processes identifying LFCM evolution microstructure were determined, and their degradation and durability stages were defined;
  • forecast of LFCM medium-term behaviour was made;
  • monitoring of LFCM physico-mechanical properties was conducted.

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