Наукові статті 2016 року

    Paskiewicz Siergiej. O królestwie zwierząt w czarnobylskiej strefie wykluczenia / Siergiej Paskiewicz // Miesięcznik «Znak», kwiecień 2016, nr 731. — P. 18—26.     Radiation influence on the temperature-dependent parameters of fluids / L. A. Bulavin, K. V. Cherevko, D. A. Gavryushenko et al. // Physical Review E. — 2016. — № 93. — P. 032133.     Reconstructing the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (CNPP) accident 30 years after. A unique database of air concentration and deposition measurements over Europe, Environmental Pollution / N. Evangeliou, T. Hamburger, N.…

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Наукові статті 2015 року

    Velocity Characteristic and Stability of Wave Solutions for a CANDLE Reactor with Thermal Feedback / V. M. Khotyayintsev, A. V. Aksonov, O. M. Khotyayintseva, V. M. Pavlovych, V. Gulik, A. H. Tkaczyk // Annals of Nuclear Energy. — 2015. — Vol. 85. — Р. 337—345.     Georgadze Sh. Detector of reactor antineutrinos with plastic stintillation bars / Sh. Georgadze, V. M. Pavlovych // Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy. — 2015. — Vol. 16, issue № 3. — P. 292—302.     Methodology for long-term radiation monitoring for…

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Наукові статті 2014 року

    Vlasenko T. S. Effect of irradiation on the thermodynamic and structural characteristics of liquid one-component systems / T. S. Vlasenko, D. А. Gavryushenko, V. М. Sysoev // Austrian Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences. Section 9: Physics. — 2014. — № 3. — P. 67—71.     Gulik V. Cost optimization of ADS design: Comparative study of externally driven heterogeneous and homogeneous two-zone subcritical reactor systems / V. Gulik, A. H. Tkaczyk // Nuclear Engi­neering and Design. — 2014. — Vol. 270. — Р. 133—142.     Pidnebesnyy…

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Наукові статті 2013 року

    Challenges in Measuring, Analyzing, Visualizing, and Predicting Gamma Radiation Fields in 3 Dimensions at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant / D. J. Storm, V. V. Andreev, E. V. Bakhanova, V. G. Batiy, R. R. Chanyshev, V. V. Chumak, N. Guilcher, A. A. Morgun, M. A. Smith, V. N. Volosky // Abstracts of The Forty-Sixth Midyear Topical Meeting of the Health Physics Society «Medical Health Physics and Accelerator Dosimetry», Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, January 27—30, 2013. — Pa­per WPM-Р.4.     Ensuring the radioecological safety during long-term storage of Sealed…

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Наукові статті 2012 року

    Babenko V. O. The Transmutation of Nuclear Waste in the Two-Zone Subcritical System Driven by High-Intensity Neutron Generator / V. O. Babenko, V. I. Gulik, V. M. Pavlovych // Proceedings of Waste Management 2012 Conference WM2012, February 26 — March 1, 2012. — Phoenix, Arizona, USA. — Paper No. 12098.     Dubchak S. V. Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus glomus intraradices on accumulation of radiocaesium by plant species / S. V. Dubchak // Проблеми безпеки атомних електростанцій і Чорнобиля. — 2012. — Вип. 19. — С. 115—122.…

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Наукові статті 2011 року

    Bogdanov Yu. A. The possibility of the Earth state diagnostics and crust structure study by the anal­ysis of electromagnetic radiation of the Earth / Yu. A. Bogdanov, O. I. Kvasniuk, V. M. Pavlovych // Pro­ceedings of the «BlackSeaHazNet Project» Macedonia workshop. — Ohrid-2011. — 2011. — Р. 3—11.     Estimating solubility parameters of airborne nuclear fuel particles from the Chernobyl shelter / E. K. Garger, A. A. Odintsov, V. K. Shynkarenko, O. Meisenberg, J. Tschiersch // Abstracts proceed­ings, International Conference «Twenty-five Years after Chernobyl Accident», Kyiv, April…

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Наукові статті 2010 року

    Antiinbective Properties of the Melanin-Glucan Complex Obtained from Medicinal Tinder Bracked Mushroom, Fomes Fomentarius / O. F. Seniuk, L. F. Gorevyy, G. V. Beketova, N. O. Savi­chuk, P. G. Rytic, I. I. Kucherov, A. B. Prylutskaya, A. I. Prylutskyy // International Journal of Medic­inal Mushrooms. — 2010. — Vol. 13. — Nо. 1. — P. 7—18.     Bonchuk Yu. System for the Prognosis of the Population Doses due to Emergency Atmospheric Release from Nuclear Power Plants / Iu. Bonchuk, N. Talerko // Proceedings of Third European IRPA…

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Наукові статті 2009 року

    Anticarcinogenic Propertis of Melanin-Glucan Сomplex from Higher Fungi / Olga F. Seniuk, Le­ontiy F. Gorovoj, Vasiliy A. Kovalev, Larisa A. Palamar, Nikolay I. Krul, Vladimir P. Kurchenko // Proc. of the 5th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference, Sept. 5—8, 2009, Nantong, China. — P. 142—149.     Anti-infective Properties the Melanin-Glukan Complex Produced from Fomes Fomentarius / Olga F. Seniuk, Leontiy F. Gorovoj, G. Beketova, H. Savichuk, P. Rytik, I. Kucherov // Abstracts of the 5th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference, Sept. 5—8, 2009, Nantong, China. — P. 206.  …

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Наукові статті 2008 року

    Estimate-experimental research of hidden nuclearly — hazardous clusters of fuel-containing ma­terials in ruined ChNPP Unit 4 / O. O. Klyuchnykov, V. M. Shcherbin, E. M. Pazukhin, E. D. Vysots­kiy, V. O. Krasnov // Contact Expert Group on Severe Accident Management (CEG-SAM). Тhe 13-th Meeting. Мarch, 2008, Budapest, Hungary.     Ivanov Y. A. Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl NPP — Analysis of Unsolved Radioecological Prob­lems at the Phase of the Accident / Y. A. Ivanov, M. D. Bondarkov, S. A. Paskevich // Proceedings «The International Conference on Radioecology and…

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Наукові статті 2007 року

    Batiy V. G. Optimization of the process of solid radwaste management at the «Shelter» object transformation to the ecologically safety system / V. G. Batiy, A. I. Stojanov // Problems of atomic science and technology. Series «Nuclear physics investigations». — 2007. — № 5.— P. 110—114.     Batiy V. G. Simulation of radiation conditions in contaminated rooms / V. G. Batiy, D. V. Fe­dorchenko // Problems of atomic science and technology. Series «Nuclear physics investigations». — 2007. — № 5. — P. 115—117.     Geoantineutrino spectrum…

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