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Nosovskyi Anatolii Volodymyrovych

Носовський А. В.

Director of ISP NPP, NAS of Ukraine,
Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Doctor in Technical Sciences, Professor


    Anatolii Nosovskyi was born on January 2, 1954. After graduating from the Polytechnic Institute in Leningrad, he worked at the branch of the I.V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy located in Sosnovyi Bor, Leningrad region (now A.P. Aleksandrov Scientific Research Technological Institute, NITI) in which he was engaged in research concerning radiation protection, developement of radiation control methods and organization of radiation safety on nuclear submarines.

    After the Chornobyl accident in 1986, he was assigned to eliminate its consequences by performing activities on radiation protection during construction  the «Ukryttia» object (Shelter object) and preparing to postemergency start-up of Chornobyl NPP units.

    Over the period 1988–1998 he holded posts as a Deputy Chief Engineer and Deputy Director General at Chornobyl NPP on radiation safety during operation of power units and «Ukryttia». Also he conducted scientific research in the field of radiation protection.

       In collaboration with the US Department of Energy, the Department of Trade and Industry of the United Kingdom and scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory he established and headed the Slavutych Laboratory of International Research and Technology (SLIRT) as well as the Internetional Radioecology Laboratory established in collaboration with the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory and Texas Technical University (USA).

    Thereafter he worked at the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the State Inspection of Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as Deputy Director for Scientific Issues. He conducted scientific and organizational activities related to developments in the field of regulation and protection of nuclear energy facilities.

    Since 2004 he holded posts at the ISP NPP as a Head of department, a Deputy Director for Science, and since 2016 – as a Director.

    Anatolii Nosovskyi is a professor of the Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Engineering Thermal Physics, National Technical University of Ukraine «I. Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» (NTUU «KPI»). He gives a lecture course  «Dosimetry and ionizing radiation protection» and «Physics of nuclear reactors».

    Together with the Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Power Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine he throws light upon the achievements of national science for the international community doing his best for attracting foreign investment. He represented repeatedly Ukraine at the most prestigious international conferences in the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Lithuania.

   He is the author over than 270 scientific publications. Issues concerning radiation protection, radioecology, decommissioning, transformation of «Ukryttia» into environmentally safe system became the subject of 18 monographs and tutorials for higher education institutions, 2 of which were issued in the United States.

       Anatolii Nosovskyi was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology in 2014.

    Since 2004 he is an editor-in-chief of series of scientific and educational publications of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine such as «Safety of Nuclear Power Plants», 9 of which have already been published and they are in great demand for domestic and foreign specialists engaged in nuclear power industry, teachers and students of higher educational institutions. 

    Anatolii Nosovskyi is an honored member of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society of Ukraine, an honorary worker of nuclear power engineering, a member of the Academic Council of National Technical University of Ukraine «I. Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», a member of the scientific and technical council of NNEGC «Energoatom», a member of editorial boards of scientific journals «Nuclear and Radiation Safety» and «Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy», an editor-in-chief of the periodical scientific and technical collection «Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants and Chornobyl», a member of council of experts of the SAC of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a member of the specialized section on energy and energy efficiency of the State Prize Committee of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

    Main scientific achievements are the following:

  • development of radiation control methods and their introduction by creation of automated systems of dosimetric and technological control of nuclear installations;
  • studying of radiation conditions, developing and practicing of theoretical and practical methods and measures aimed to ensure the safety during operation of NPP units;
  • development and introduction into practice the methods for reduction of radioactive releases and effluents from NPP units;
  • development of methods for retrospective resumption of radiation doses;
  • development of emergency procedures, concepts and creation of a control center for accident prevention at nuclear power plants;
  • studying of radiation impact onto the environment, development and implementation of rehabilitation methods for areas affected by radioactive contamination;
  • development of scientific and technical and methodological bases for decommissioning of NPP units;
  • development of normative legal acts on the nuclear technologies’ safety.


    The scientific activities of Nosovskyi A.V. were awarded with many state and departmental honors, among them: Honorary diploma (1986) and Gratitude (1987) of the Ministry of Medium Engineering of the USSR – for active participation in elimination accident consequences at Chornobyl NPP; Honorary diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – for establishment of scientific laboratories in Slavutych and advancement of science (2000); Honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – for foundation of the system of higher education in Slavutych (2002, 2006); Gratitude (2014), Honorary diploma (2000, 2006), Distinction «For Professional Achievements» (2012), «For training of scientific successors» (2017) of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Honorary diploma of the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine (2006); Distinction «For Significant Contribution to Development of Nuclear Power Engineering in Ukraine» for activities related to providing scientific support on commissioning of power units at the Khmelnitsk and Rivne NPPs (2004); Distinction «Honorary Worker of Nuclear Power Engineering of Ukraine» of NNEGC «Energoatom» (2013); Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (2014);  Award «The Great Silver Medal of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine» in nomination «For the best innovation implemented in construction» for the work «Construction of New Safe Confinement for the Shelter of the Chornobyl NPP» (2017).

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