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Shcherbin Volodymyr Mykolaiovych

Щербін В. М.

Deputy Director for Research of the ISP NPP of NAS of Ukraine,

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

    Shcherbin was born on 11th of July 1943. After graduation from Kiev National University with specialization in Nuclear Physics he worked in the Institute of Physics Academy of Sciences of the UkrSSR from 1965 and from 1970 worked in the Institute for Nuclear Research Academy of Sciences of the UkrSSR as an engineer, senior engineer, junior researcher.

    In 1977 he got a scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences by defending his thesis in the field of Nuclear Physics and Cosmic-ray Physics.

    Since 1979 Ph.D. Shcherbin worked in Special Design and Engineering Office of the Institute for Nuclear Research as a head of the sector, chief project designer and head of the department. The most important implementations of Shcherbin are: multi-purpose complex “Express” on the basis of rechargeable accelerator “Kaskad” and the plant “Control” for defining heavy metal content in the samples of environment’s objects with a help of x-ray and fluorescent analysis.

     Shcherbin participated actively in elimination of the consequences of the Chornobyl accident, managed works on the development of nuclear safety control systems in the first regular control system of the Shelter object – information and diagnostic complex “Shater”. In 1987 he was a deputy chief of staff AS of the USSR in Chornobyl.

    Since 1993 he worked in the Intersectoral Scientific and Technological Center “Shelter” as a deputy academic director general, the first deputy science and technical director general, deputy research director. Works on solving problems of the Shelter object’s transformation into an ecologically safe system have a special place in Shcherbin’s scientific activity. He participated in the development of the international program “Shelter Implementation Plan” (SIP) as a member of a group of scientists from Ukraine. Then he took part in implementation of numerous projects including management of works on substantiation the safety in projects on stabilization of the object’s building structures, feasibility study on the creation of the New Safe Confinement and its enclosing perimeter.

    In 1997 Shcherbin was awarded with the degree of senior researcher in the specialty nuclear and elementary particle physics. 

    In 2000 he worked as a deputy chief engineer of Chornobyl NPP responsible for the Shelter object – the head of the Shelter object.

    Since 2014 Shcherbin has been working in the ISP NPP NAS of Ukraine as a deputy director for research.

     He is an author of over 220 scientific publications including 14 copyright certificates, 4 patents and 9 monographs.

    Shcherbin’s scientific activity is awarded with many state and departmental honors among them: The Medal “In Commemoration of the 1500th Anniversary of Kiev” (1982), The Medal “For Labour Valour” (1986), the title “The best inventor of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (1994), certificate of honour of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine (2006), the Order of the Merit 3rd class (2011), the State Prize Laureate of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (2015), the Certificate of honour of the Presidium of Ukraine (2016), the public award – the order “Hero of Chornobyl” (2016), the award “For the significant contribution to the development of the nuclear power engineering of Ukraine” by NNEGC “Energoatom” (2017).

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